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Below are some videos of Roman Reign Dogs working and having fun.   You'll also find videos of typical Swissy behavior - the alarm bark and the baroo.  Coming soon will be water work and drafting demonstrations.  You can also find more Roman Reign Videos at  You can view these by clicking any one of the videos below, but not on the arrow.  It will link to Roman Reign's youtube channel.  Should you have any questions about these working activities demonstrated below, please contact Roman Reign first.  The dogs in the videos are experienced and advanced at these activities. 

Videos to come soon:

  • Mouse performing Water Rescue Excellent Exercises - Sorry, didn't get around to filming these this past summer. 
  • Mouse and Basil Weight Pulling
  • Mouse Drafting Demo
  • ]]>


Mouse and Basil do play with jumps and retrieves


Mouse and Basil see snow in Feb. 2011

Mouse and Basil see snow for the first time

Mouse and Basil see me after 2 weeks (I was on the 48-State World Record Attempt)


Dog Focusing Exercises - Jim Tweedy Demonstrates

Spitting treats to your dog is a popular dog training technique. It teaches your dog to watch your face as that is where the treats come from. Jim Tweedy ( also demonstrates how this also works for humans too.

Mouse doing retrieves from land.

Mouse retrieves life jackets.

Mouse and more bumpers

Miss Basil pulling 1190 lbs, Dec. 1st, 2007

Dick Shumer, Merrie, and Chase doing water rescue exercises. We miss Dick, and we'll always remember him fondly.



Dave taking Basil for a run around Research Park, TAMU Campus


Me skating, Mouse barking, Two drunk guys running around the slalom course. This was taken the night before my ankle surgery.  I'm trying to build muscle before 2 months of sitting on my rear. 


Basil herding sheep at Purina Farms

Miss Basil pulling over 2800 lbs with special effects

Mouse herding relentlessly.  Notice how he almost runs me over. 

2007 GSMDCA Team Obedience

Miss Basil topping out at 794 lbs.  That's 56 times her body weight! More at our YouTube channel.

Basil pulling 596 lbs.  More videos on our Youtube channel. 


Mouse and Basil run around a rink, part 1.

Mouse and Basil run around the rink, part 2


Mouse watching kids pop balloons.  He has been very well socialized.  This videos shows that he is not bothered by the balloons. 

Mouse taking Christmas Pictures at the Texas DOT Party 2006 

 Mouse getting petted.  Do you think he's spoiled?

Mouse Weight pulling about 2800 lbs

Booster herding - Handled by Don Beard


Booster Herding video 2 - Handled by Don Beard

Mouse fetching bumpers at Lake Somerville


Me, trying to get Basil to Woof.  She's usually a big Woofer.  Holly decides to Woof for her.  

I'm trying to convince Holly to sit on Mouse.  Hm...... Not quite.  That would be funny though.

In this video, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mouse, is learning to like, play with, and take an object. The goal is to get him very interested in this object by playing with it. This technique is useful when teaching dogs to take objects for service dog work or for obedience work. The object in this video is a neoprene sleeve to be worn by unconscious water rescue victims. Thank you to my roommate, Jeremy for helping in this video. 


In this video, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mouse, is learning to look under a boat. I start by putting bait under the boat so that Mouse gets the idea of going under a boat, then I graduate to having Mouse look for a person under the boat. Video 1 of 3 so far. Thanks to my roommate for playing the "victim."

Boat video 2 of 3

Boat video 3 of 3

Mouse trying to reclaim his cookie from Kitty. 

Mouse playing therapy dog with Dr. Singh

Mouse giving the typical Swissy Barooo - notice that he likes to rear up like a horse and stick his lips out.

Mouse vs. Iron  - This shows the typical Swissy alarm bark and behavior to something unusual

Mouse plays with baby on the Florida Beach

Mouse playing and being a little Romeo with Squiggy, the Jack Russell after a weight pull in Virginia.  As you can see, Mouse has plenty of sex drive. 

Mouse Vs. the Couch