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OFA vs. PennHip

Surviving Parvovirus

Compounding Supplements and Medications at Home

How to Treat Hot Spots

How to Make a Wicket

How to Make a Bloat Kit

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Greater Swiss Health

How much should my Swissy weigh?

Greater Swiss Health Survey

P2Y12: What it doesn't mean

Insights from Christine Zink, Phd, DVM



How to Research Dog Show Judges

Danger of Fake Service Dogs

How to Transport a Puppy

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Raw Diet and Other Recipes

How Restaurants can Impress Patrons with Service Dogs

Things you didn't know about being a Therapy Dog Handler.

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How many Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are in the US?

How many Lowchens are in the US?

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We have mantras that we practice at home and in our training. You're welcome to borrow some of our Mantras.

  • A well-built dog can do anything - Pat Hastings on structure

  • A well-conditioned and well-built performance dog makes the best toy! - me

  • A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, a well-conditioned dog is a healthy dog. - me on wellness

  • Force leads to resistances. - me on training methods

  • What's my motivation? - me on dissecting behavior

  • Humans are Boring! - me on why dogs don't pay attention

  • All Dogs are different.  You can use different methods for different dogs and for different activities. - me on training methods

  • There's nothing more sacred than the relationship you have with your dog. - me on relationships

  • Dogs pick up on our emotions much better than we think. - me on why humans have communication problems

  • Dogs in general have better senses than we do and communicate better through body language. - me on human's poor communication skills

  • Dogs do not really know the difference between "right" and "wrong." - me on opportunistic hedonistic creature

  • If you or the dog aren't having fun, quit it. Try something else, Take a break, Use a different method. - me on monotony

  • If it will damage the relationship with your dog, don't do it. - me on relationships

  • If it isn't working, try something else. - me on the Concord fallacy

  • Dogs aren't robots.  They are prone to boredom, have their own agenda, aren't perfect, and don't speak English. - me on why dogs "misbehave"

  • Don't forget WHY you have dogs. - me on attitudes

  • When you lose perspective, it will change your attitude.  Your dog will pick up on it. - me on

  • Do be open to new ideas, regardless of the source. Don't stop learning.  - me on learning

  • Do set high expectations. - me on goals

  • Food is nutrition.  Food is not a filler. - me on nutrition

  • Dogs should be "not hungry," they should not be "full." - except for holidays and birthdays. - me on obesity

  • A fat dog is an unhealthy dog. - me on health

  • Training should be about the trainer, not about the treats. -  me on training

  • Would you eat something that was shelf stable for 3 years? - me on low quality kibble

  • Breeding should be like make up.  Accentuate the good qualities.  - me on breeding

  • Quality over quantity. - me on everything

  • Happy Training, Happy Living - me on dog training.