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Roman Reign Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Austin, TX 78748

(512) 981-7627


Please copy and paste this puppy application information into an email as inline text. Photos can be shared via web links (Facebook photo album or website url).


Information you should know before completing this application:


*Puppies are sold for $2,500. Pet puppies will be sold on AKC limited registration. Show prospects will be sold with AKC full registration on co-ownerships or as agreed to on case by case basis.

*A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required once the puppies are born if you are selected as a home, we do not accept deposits until the puppies are actually born and thriving.

*Puppies are not placed based on a first come first serve basis. It is in the best interest of the puppy to be placed in a home with a lifestyle that is appropriate for the puppy’s energy level and personality. Please fully answer the questionnaire so that we can match you with a puppy that suits your family.

*Roman Reign reserves the first right to all dogs that may not be able to stay in their current living situation. We are available for our dogs throughout their entire lives.





Links to websites, blogs, or social media handles:


Please list other individuals living in your home with ages:


Please provide two emergency contacts. I will verify that they are willing to assist your family and your Swissy during emergencies.

Contact 1:







Contact 2:







Please provide contact information or your vet. If you do not currently have a vet, we will assist you in finding one in your area. Your vet will need to be aware that bloat and splenic torsion are life-threatening issues requiring emergency surgery.

Clinic Name:

Vet’s Name:






  • Do you prefer a male or female Swissy?  Or would you accept either?

  • Would you be interested in an adult (rehome) or rescued Swissy?

  • Would you be interested in a special need GSMD (non-life threatening physical abnormality)?

  • Would you accept a blue or a red Swissy?

  • Whose decision was it to get a dog?

  • What specifically attracted you to this breed?

  • How did you become interested in owning one?

  • If you are not interested in showing your Swissy yourself, would you be open to co-owning a show quality puppy? The puppy would live primarily with you, and the puppy would travel with me to shows that are agreeable to both parties. All showing and health expenses related to showing/breeding would be funded by Roman Reign.


Previous dog ownership experience

  • Have you previously owned this breed?

  • Have you previously owned a dog?
    If yes, please provide the following for each dog you have owned (attach list if necessary):
    - Breed (or prevalent breed if mixed) and sex
    - How did you obtain the dog (purchased, found, given as a gift, adopted, etc.)
    - Age when obtained
    - What happened to the dog (sold, given to others, lost, died (include cause of death))?

  • What animals do you currently own?   If you currently own another dog, is it altered?

  • Are you planning on getting another dog in the near future?

  • Do you breed dogs now, or have you had experience breeding dogs?


Purpose and Training:

  • Why do you want a Swissy? Please list all that apply and feel free to elaborate. Pet, show, breeding, working, search and rescue, therapy, or other?

  • What type of disposition are you looking for?  What habits or behaviors would you not be able to tolerate?  Describe what you expect of and for this puppy.

  • What experience do you have owning and training dogs?

  • What type of training methods do you plan on using? Where do you plan on attending training with your Swissy?

  • Are you aware that Swissies can be very vocal, stubborn, persistent, crafty, independent, and physically strong with high prey drive? Please explain how you have managed other dogs or people like this in the past?

  • Are you committed to a lifetime of training your dog, especially when they go through the terrible teenager phase?

  • Do you agree to kennel train your puppy? A dog that is kennel trained will be easier to transport during emergencies.

  • Are you committed to dedicating all of your time in the first 16 weeks of your Swissy’s life to elaborate socialization? I will provide detailed instructions on the process, and it is absolutely critical that it is done correctly.

  • Do you agree to call me first if your Swissy exhibits any unacceptable behaviors?

  • Are you aware that Swissies are not very easy to housetrain and often times are not reliable until 9 months of age or even older?

Detailed Purpose and Training:
Which of the following reasons best fit the primary reason(s) you would like to have a dog? Please elaborate as needed.

A gift




conformation showing

draft work


for spouse                             
for the children                                

for other pet 

guard dog                             

obedience showing

search and rescue

service dog

therapy dog


  • If you are interested in breeding this dog, what are your reasons?

  • Show/breeding homes only, do you agree to a co-ownership contract on any show/breeding dogs until requirements for health certifications as recommended by the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club are met?

  • Have you ever shown in conformation or competed with a dog in any working events?  Please detail, if your answer is yes.


  • Are you currently pregnant or expecting to adopt or have a child within 1 year of getting your new puppy?

  • Is there anyone else who will be living with the dog that is not already listed above?

  • Is anyone living in the home with the dog allergic to dogs?

  • Where do you live?  City, suburban, rural?

  • How would you describe your neighborhood? Are you in a condo, apartment, duplex, ranch, developer neighborhood?

  • Would your neighbors tolerate a loud mouth dog?

  • Do you own your own home?

  • Do you access to a fenced area?


Your occupation:

  • Work schedule and typical hours per week:

  • Occupation of Spouse/Companion:

  • Work schedule and typical hours per week:

  • How many hours per day would the dog be left alone?

  • Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?

  • Where will the dog spend his days?

  • Where will the dog's sleeping quarters be?

Please provide pictures of your home/apartment complex & outdoor space (type of fencing and or perimeter security)

  • Description of outdoor space for dog:

  • Fenced Yard (give type):                                                     

  • Unfenced Yard

  • Open Fields                                                                           

  • Kennel run

  • Garage                                                                                   

  • Parks nearby                                                                        

  • Walking trails nearby

  • Other

Maintenance and Care

  • How will your dog normally be transported? Are you able to transport your dog in kennel?

  • How will you exercise your dog?

  • Do you agree to keep your dog in a climate controlled environment during extreme temperatures? Swissies are not heat tolerant, and they can easily suffer heat strokes in 75 degree weather. You must take care to not over exercise them in the heat.

  • Are you willing to enroll this puppy in at least two obedience courses?

  • Are you dedicated to maintaining your Swissy’s training throughout his or her entire lifetime?

  • What brand of dog food do you anticipate feeding?  Would you be able to feed your puppy at least 3 times per day and your adult Swissy 2 times per day?

  • Do you agree to keep your Swissy at a fit weight for the sake of their health?

  • What arrangements would you make for the care of the dog when you are traveling?

  • If your dog is traveling with you, do you have a process for making the dog as comfortable as possible?


What would  you do with your dog if any of the following situations were to happen to you:

  • Divorce

  • Move/Relocation

  • New baby in the home

  • Elderly family member in home

  • Loss of job or serious illness

  • Develop allergy to dogs

  • Decided to that you do not want your Swissy


Do you agree to sign a written contract that:

A) Stipulates any rehoming of the Roman Reign dog may only be done under the care of Roman Reign or the permission, approval, and guidance of Roman Reign. 

B) Roman Reign has a first right of refusal to take any dog back at any time for any reason should the owner decide they can no longer keep their dog.

C) Does not permit the alteration of our Swissies until full sexual maturity at 24 months of age for health reasons.

D) Requires you to use your veterinarian, trainer, and Roman Reign as your 1st resource for the health, training, and well-being of the dog. Information on the Internet can be useful in understanding health and training questions, however it is not the best source for diagnoses and recommendations.

E) As an owner of a Roman Reign puppy, you will become an ambassador of the breed by virtue of having a Swissy. You agree to responsibly train and manage your Swissy. You and your Swissy will likely become the face of the breed in the area, and you agree to represent the breed in the best light both online and in person.




You will have two options to pick up your pet/companion pup:

A. Pick up puppy in person at our home in Austin, TX.

B. Buy a round trip plane ticket and take pup back home with you in a X-Large collapsible Sherpa bag under the seat in the Airplane Cabin. Puppies will not be sent home any earlier than 8.5 weeks and no later than 9.5 weeks in this circumstance.


Austin Airport (ATX) is 25 minutes away with no traffic.

George Bush International (IAH) and Houston Hobby (HOU) airports are about 3.5 hours away with no traffic.

Dallas Love Field (DAL) is about 5 hours with traffic. There is always traffic. 

Shipping via cargo is not an option for a puppy. Adults may be shipped in proper conditions.



  • How did you find us?

  • Were you referred to Roman Reign?

  • Have you met an adult Greater Swiss Mountain Dog? 

  • If yes, please list the owner’s name and place of meeting:

  • If you have not met any Swissies in person, are you willing to? 


Relationship with Breeder:

  •  Will you commit to staying in contact with Roman Reign for the life of your puppy with both good news and bad should it occur?

  • Will you provide Roman Reign with pictures as your puppy grows from a baby to an adult to a geriatric dog?

  • Are you willing to update Roman Reign with your puppy’s health status for the life of your dog?

  • Will you purchase insurance for your Swissy puppy? 

  • Optional for non-breeding dogs: Would you be open to radiographing your pet after 24 months of age for hip, elbows, and shoulder disorders?

  • Have you researched all the diseases and/or problems that could happen with your Swissy (epilepsy, bloat, splenic torsion, entropion, bleeding of unknown origin, hip/elbow dysplasia, OCD) and realize that if these unexpected problems occur they can lead to very expensive, unavoidable vet bills? Roman Reign is dedicating to improving the health of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, and we will support all Swissy owners through health problems. We are available 24/7.


Would you be interested in joining the:

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America

Your regional GSMD Club

Special Interest clubs

Your local clubs

Please feel free to add any additional comments or questions you might have. We look forward to working with you.